Rebecca O'Brien Pani

About Rebecca

In July of 2019 after more than eleven years working as an Associate Creative Director and Senior Event Producer (formerly at Tuscany Flowers in Florence, Italy and most recently at Lewis Miller Design in New York City), I decided to reconsider the path I was on. What started out as a planned six month break turned into something more extended and then came Covid-19.

During my time off I decided to follow my passions which had been neglected during all those working years. I signed up for singing lessons, took dance classes and got my hands dirty at a local ceramics studio. I became a member at a local Food Coop and volunteered at a shelter involved in feeding people.  The realization came that yes, I am a great organizer – timelines, schedules, coordination of any kind, never shying away from getting messy, you name it, but what was missing was an engagement with art, culture and community.  

My search led me to find my current role at a youth-arts organization rooted in art therapy.  

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